Foundation Policies

These Foundation Policies set out the baseline goals of the Principles and describe open access best practice. More detailed implementation guidelines are provided by the Open Access Guidelines below. Adapted from the recommendations of the UK report Creative Commons Licensing Solutions for the Common Information Environment.

1. Encourage reuse: Resources should be made available for free and permissive reuse unless there is a justifiable reason why they should not.
2. Minimise limitations on purpose: The purposes for which reuse of resources is permitted should be as unconstrained as possible. For example, resources should be made available for commercial reuse as well as non-commercial reuse wherever possible.
3. Minimise limitations on activities: The range of permitted uses of resources should be as wide as possible. For example, users should be granted the right to copy the resource, modify it and produce derivative works from it wherever possible.
4. No geographic limitations: Reuse should be encouraged by permitting others to redistribute resources on a world-wide basis.
5. Provide technical ease of use: Resources should be made directly available and discoverable electronically and in reuseable technological formats whenever possible.
6. Provide legal ease of use: The conditions of use for each resource should be linked directly to the resource so that they are reusable at the point of discovery and, wherever possible, should not require additional permissions from the institution or copyright owner.

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