Australian Screen
An initiative of the National Film and Sound Archive, Australian Screen provides clips, curator’s notes and other resources for over 1,300 Australian films and television programs. All material on the site can be copied and distributed for personal use or for non-commercial educational purposes.

Australian Newspapers
Led by the National Library of Australia, this initiative is an online database of fully text-searchable scans of over 600,000 pages from Australian historical newspapers. Searchable text versions which have been automatically generated as displayed alongside the original scans. Rather than delaying the release of the material until staff are able to correct errors in the automatically generated text versions, the project is crowdsourcing text correction and metadata functions by allowing registered visitors to edit them. This reduces the time and cost of the uploads without compromising the integrity of the material, as the original scan always remains as the ‘authentic’ version. The initiative has been extremely successful, with over 1,300 volunteers having corrected more than 3.4 million lines from 160,000 pages.

Pool is the ABC’s social media R&D lab where the broadcaster and the public meet as peers to share, learn and co-create.

Most notably, Pool has enabled the first release of ABC archives content under Creative Commons licences for remix and rebuild. Pool is now in the process of conforming meta data to enable interoperability with other public collection institutions. The next phase of development will see an opening up of its API to allow the study of external mashups of the ABC's public media content.

Now and Then
The Collections Council of Australia is currently trialling this community heritage web project, which utilises wiki technology to allow local communities to record, explore and share information about their history and life today. All members of the public are invited to contribute and edit entries on particular communities and the places, people, events, organisations and things that make them unique. Now and Then has recently launched its pilot community Mallala, South Australia.

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