For sector-wide collaboration
  • Participate in existing cross-institutional projects and sector-wide initiatives to encourage consistency and create efficiencies.
  • Share internal policies and guidelines with other institutions, to increase consistency and avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Develop a record of documents, case studies and statistics (whether internally, cross institutionally or sector-wide) which demonstrate the benefits of open access - for donors, managers and funders. Push for measures of impact, reuse and access to be included in KPIs to ensure ‘value’ is not measured in sales alone. Incorporate open access as a mandatory or desirable requirement of funding programs provided by the sector. This strategy is used by research funding groups such as the Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and US National Institute for Health, which all mandate open access.
  • Large institutions and smaller institutions can work together to develop collaborative platforms to reduce costs, create efficiencies, increase discoverability and share expertise.
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